About Our Events

The Wounded Heroes Family Adventures offers three programs per year, including one winter Ski program and two Mountain programs in the summer.

Two amazing programs serve as the foundation for all the events that we offer. These programs represent the heart of our events:

Reimagining Possibilities through Outdoor Adventures

For the Heroes, adaptive skiing, rafting, fishing and rock climbing may not seem possible. We offer them the opportunity to re-engage in activities they loved before their injuries and never imagined they could do again. For others, they learn a new activity! All achieve a new level of confidence, a sense of joy and a stronger connection with their family through our adaptive sports program.

Our partner, the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center provides trained instructors and the latest adaptive equipment for all activities. Our Heroes and their families overcome physical obstacles that once seemed insurmountable – and from these accomplishments, a Hero’s confidence and perception of “what is possible” expands.

Strengthening Family Bonds

The ongoing impact of a Hero’s injuries, many of which are not visible, severely tests the bonds that unite a family. Wounded Heroes Family Adventures provides a healthy environment in which to enjoy new activities as a family, to laugh, to cry and to encourage one another. The Family Enrichment Program presented by professional counselors, helps families to reconnect and to strengthen their bonds by:

  • Building and re-establishing healthy communication techniques for all family members.
  • Providing shared family experiences – all family members fully participate in the outdoor adventure program.
  • Developing an understanding of the Hero and their injuries and the impact they have on their family.
  • Creating a support network for all the Heroes and family members coping with similar issues.

Our Events

We offer one winter event and two summer events every year. To learn more about each event, explore their pages.

Wounded Heroes Family Ski Week in April

Wounded Heroes Family Mountain Adventure in June

Wounded Heroes Family Mountain Experience in July