About Us

Wounded Warriors Family Adventures (WWFA)

WWFA was established in Breckenridge, Colorado, in July 2012 as a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization. The WWFA’s mission is to provide Wounded Warriors and their families outdoor experiences in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies and beyond, partnered with family counseling, and bonding opportunities with their family and other Wounded Warrior families.

Although WWFA was formed in 2012, the committee responsible for its major program, Wounded Warriors Family Ski Week (WWFSW), has been in existence since 2008 and is currently getting ready for its sixth year in 2013. WWFA’s primary program is WWFSW, however, due to the success of our fundraising efforts, we are looking at providing other Wounded Warrior family programs, such as the Heroic Warriors Family Rafting Trip, which was held in July 2012 in partnership with the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, a nationally recognized adaptive outdoor educational organization.

Wounded Warriors Family Ski Week (WWFSW)

WWFSW is a program for wounded warriors and their families who were severely injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. The program is a ski retreat whereby wounded warriors are challenged to try something outside their comfort zone that would allow them to feel confident to then try other activities. The program’s special feature is that it is a family program where the spouses and children all do something challenging together and then through counseling programs for the family and the children are able to improve their communications and create any opportunity for additional bonding within the family.