“This experience was life changing. Before we went to CO, P. and I were on the verge of breaking up and now we talk about marriage and having a house and possibly another child. I have never seen him so at ease when we spent the week in Breck.”

Maggie J., Connecticut – 2015

“I want to reiterate how thankful I am for giving me my family back and for giving me peace of mind and helping me with so many things I never thought I’d ever be strong enough to get over. I’m still working on these things, and now that I’m getting also help through the Disabled Vets Center in which I go to meetings for people like me where I continue to better myself for my family and for myself too.”

Charles M., California – 2015

“I have never spent a week with my family that there wasn’t some sort of breakdown except for our week last April. No tears, no arguing, no tantrums…..it was heaven. We met a group of strangers and walked away life-long friends. We met people that in the 6 years since M.’s injuries we have never met. I myself didn’t feel like an outsider, we cried together, we laughed together, we shared our storied before, during, and after this wonderful event.

Wendy M., Colorado – 2015

“As a caregiver, I was finally able to relax. I could ski at my own pace and not have the constant worry of the boys and their whereabouts, and activities. My husband was also in expert hands, which lifted a great deal of worry off my shoulders and I actually enjoyed myself without the anxiety. For my husband, he was able to do something he thought he’d never have the chance to do again since he was put in his wheelchair. The adaptive program is phenomenal and the guides love what they do, which makes it all the more sincere.”

Stephanie O., Alabama – 2015

“The boys and I can speak to each other much better and I am at a place where I can hear them. I know one week won’t magically fix me or fix our family dynamic but it sure can be a start. In one week I realized that if I can be more patient with myself. I can be more patient with my boys and that will make me a better Dad. As I sit here today I am a better Father. I like that about myself…. I am happy to report that after our week in Colorado I am dating my beautiful wife again!”

Robert F., Texas – 2015

“What did Breck do for me? It is more of what has it done for me since I came home. I am happy, truly happy. I have close friends when I was almost totally recluse before. My kids’ talk of T. and I like we are super heroes. They respect us more.”

Tanya B, Virginia – 2015

“Since my injury, I have experienced times of emptiness and lack of direction. I felt that snowboarding would help fill the void. However, the bonds created with friends and families during this ski week, are far greater than any sport could achieve. Friendships like this are only possible through an event like this. To my knowledge, there is no other event that compares to what your organization/committee has established. The entire week created so much comraderie that will remain with us forever.”

David S, Georgia – 2015