Wounded Heroes Family Mountain Experience

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“What I liked most about these events was the fact that my family became closer as a result and that there were also lots of good opportunities for us to step out of our comfort zones.”

The Wounded Heroes Family Mountain Experience is a Summer/Fall program designed for the family who prefers outdoor activities in the mountains without snow sports.

This is a multi-day program which includes outdoor activities such as challenge/teamwork games, ropes courses, hiking, biking, river rafting, fly fishing, and/or rock climbing.

Strengthening Family Bonds

The ongoing impact of a Warrior’s injuries severely tests the bonds that unite a family. The Mountain Experience provides a healthy environment in which to enjoy new activities as a family, to laugh, to cry, and to encourage one another.

The Family Enrichment program, presented by professional counselors, also strengthens family bonds by

  • Building ‘practical’ communication techniques for all family members, and
  • Creating support networks for the Hero and family members coping with similar issues.
Re-imagining Possibilities Through an Adaptive Outdoor Recreational Program

For some Warriors, the Mountain Experience Program is an opportunity to reengage in outdoor activities they loved before their injury; for many, these are activities they only imagined they could do.

With the support of trained instructors and the latest adaptive equipment from the world-class Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC), our Warriors overcome physical obstacles that once seemed insurmountable – and from these accomplishments, the Warrior’s self-confidence and perception of ‘what is possible’ expands.

Program Summary
  • 5-day program (Excluding travel), for 6-8 Warriors, and their Families in Breckenridge, Colorado
  • One-on-one adaptive lessons, equipment, and facilities for the Warrior and his/her Family
  • Family Enrichment Program focused on improved communication, understanding, and support
  • Transportation, lodging, meals, outdoor programs and activities are included at no cost

Preliminary Schedule of Activities for 2016

Sunday, August 7

Arrival in Breckenridge

  • Check in at Grand Timber Lodge
  • Welcome Dinner

Monday, August 8


  • BOEC Campus and Challenge course
  • Carter Park BBQ

Tuesday, August 9


  • Family Enrichment
  • Travel to river
  • Camping on the Colorado River

Wednesday, August 10


  • Rafting on the Colorado River

Thursday, August 11


  • Family Enrichment

Friday, August 12


  • Climbing
  • Farewell Dinner

Saturday, August 13


  • Travel Home

Note: All activities are free unless otherwise noted. Transportation will be provided by GTL or BOEC for all scheduled activities.